Stream not found?! Error Loading Stream

If you get an error in the video player saying that the stream cannot be found, please clear the browser's cache, cookies and temporary files from the top menu under Tools > Internet Options. You can also use another web browser to view the stream and/or reboot your machine. This usually occurs if you've previously watched the stream. The browser stores the location of the stream on our content distribution network, which periodically changes according to demand. Clearing the cache will allow the browser to find the new location on the network. If you are at work or using a public access point, they may be blocking the port on which the stream is delivered with a firewall. Contact the network administrator. Also, we have experienced some providers, namely WildBlue, that use caching servers to deliver content to their customers. This will prevent the player from finding the stream.

I have audio but no video

Your internet connection may be too slow. Please visit and run a speed test to find out your download speed. In order to watch the stream without any interruption, your speed needs to be 1Mbps or greater. You can have a slower speed and still may be able to watch it, but expect occasional to frequent skips or pauses. Our stream is usually between 250-350Kbps. If your download speed is close to that or slower, you may only receive audio.

If your speed is 1Mbps or above, please make sure you have the latest version of the Flash player from

My Screen Keeps Freezing!

If your stream pauses and stops, simply click on the play button to reconnect.

If this happens frequently, it is usually due to a lack of bandwidth, slow internet connection or internet congestion. To test the speed of your internet connection, please run a test at, which will display a map of the United States. Click on the location nearest you highlighted by an orange/yellow pyramid to begin the test. This will show the speed of your internet connection. If your download speed is less than 1.0Mbps you may experience random interruptions in your stream.

If you are on a wireless connection, please connect directly to your router or modem. Wireless connections can work, but they are also subject to proximity, environmental noise (flourescent lights, microwaves, cordless phones, etc.) and physical obstructions (chimneys, walls, floors, furniture, etc.).